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The Village Vision

Our long-range vision is to establish a permanent church home on our property in the midst of a “grace village” – a series of mercy ministry homes established as a permanent and organic part of our church Body and communal life together.

Our Story: In 2017 our church voted to change our name from Grace Presbyterian Church to “The Church of Grace Village”. This change was designed to aligned the name and identity of our community with a long rage strategic plan envisioned to establish a church community in a “village of grace” defined by four ministry homes. As our identity changed toward this unique vision, our leadership set out steadfastly to clarify both a masterplan and strategic plan in fulfilment of our vision.

As the four rivers flowed from Eden to give life to the world, so we have identified four homes that will be the focal point of our life-giving mercy to those in need:

Home for Hospice Care

It is our plan to provide healing care to homeless men and women, and those of our community with late-stage and end-stage AIDS and terminal cancer through physical nurturing, spiritual companionship, and the restoration of dignity.

A Home for Victims of Human Trafficking

In the state of Tennessee, 94 teens each month are deceived, tormented, and sold, usually for sex. We want to be part of the efforts to end human trafficking and care for its victims, providing a home for women who have been abused and oppressed.

Home for Children

Serving individual children and sibling groups, our desire is for this Home for Children to provide a family and community to children in need, regardless of race, gender, or background.

The Counseling Center

We believe that a counseling center serves a huge need within our village and our surrounding community, existing to support the emotional, spiritual, and psychological needs of community residents and those living on our campus.

Check out our interactive Master Plan of the village below!

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We'd love for you to partner with us financially as we seek to meet the practical needs of our community with the love of Christ and the hope of the gospel. Thank you for your prayers and support of TCGV!

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