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The Village Values

Core Values of TCGV - Shaping community Ethos

1. Celebrate Sovereign Grace: By awakening to the greater wonder of sovereign, free grace, we walk more deeply in humility before God, each other, and our neighbors.

2. Summoned to Greater Purpose: Faith is responding to the summons of God to give our lives away in love to our families, our community, and the needs of our neighbors. In selfless sacrifice we live out the freedom of greater purpose.


3. Invited to Fearless Mission: We strive to push beyond our fears of failure, and the idols of comfort to risk for the Kingdoms sake.


4. Resting in Relentless Tenderness: Our passion towards obedience in life and ministry springs from the active rest and reward of faith in the finished work of Christ. We add nothing, we merit nothing, and we can diminish nothing from all that Jesus has accomplished. Through striving toward His rest we move forward to accomplish the tasks at hand.

A Marshmallow with a Steel Center: Our desire is to a be community that is warm, winsome, humble, and tender in relational health, with a firm, clear,  and steadfast commitment to the core values that define our identity.

“She was a marshmallow with a steel center.” – Martina Navratilova

For many years through the 1970s and early 1980s, Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert dominated the sports headlines for women’s tennis. They were fierce rivals and competitors, but outside of matches they developed a genuine and loving friendship. Off the court, Chris Evert maintained a gracious, quiet, and polite demeanor, but on the court she possessed a fierce and fiery indomitable will to win. It was this combination of personal characteristics that led Navratilova to describe her as a “marshmallow with a steel center.”

With a mission to be both warm and welcoming, yet clear and steadfast with our core convictions, The Church of Grace Village might best be described as a “marshmallow with a steel center.”


We want a soft, friendly, humble, and gentle pathway as we disciple and train new Christians as well as the un-churched toward the center of our core convictions.


Our five core convictions define our “steel center” as a community of faith.

  • We are Presbyterian and reformed.

  • We are covenantal in our vision for youth and families.

  • We seek Gospel transformation of culture: engaging the culture in the marketplace of ideas.

  • We are reformed in worship and proclamation.

  • We are intensely relational in the pursuit of authentic community.

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